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Earn $500 for each referral that meets all eligibility requirements


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Client Referral



    Program Rules

    Only certain NVA Virtual Solutions employees are eligible to participate in this Program. If we enter into a candidate search engagement with your client referral within 90 days of your referral, and we make a candidate placement with your contact, then you will be eligible for the $500 Referral Fee subject to accepting the terms and conditions.

    1. Clients

    All current and former NVA Virtual Solutions Clients are eligible to participate.

    2. NVA Virtual Solutions Corporate Employees

    Current NVA Virtual Solutions Corporate and office staff are not eligible to participate in this program. Contact us for more detals.

    3. Others

    Any other person who is not affiliated with NVA Virtual Solutions is potentially eligible to participate.

    Program Criteria

    The referring participant will not be eligible for receive the payment if their referral: (1) has already been referred by someone else; (2) has already signed up as a client with NVA Virtual Solutions within the past 12 months. Referral bonus will be paid in the form of a VISA gift card. Only one bonus paid per client referred.

    All referrals must be submitted online to the Client Referral link located on the NVA Virtual Solutions website. NVA Virtual Solutions reserves the right to change these program rules at any time.