Everyone wishes they could work from home. They envision sitting outside by the pool, sipping on lemonade while tapping away at their laptop keyboard. In theory, it sounds like heaven. However, while working from home does have its perks, there are definite downsides. If you are considering working from home, being aware of the challenges can help you make the switch more successfully.


Believe it or not, your home can be a very distracting place. If you have young children, it is naive to think that they will peacefully entertain themselves and let you work in peace. Kids are constantly getting into scrapes and needing assistance. Even without children, just the sounds of a normal neighborhood can be enough to drive you crazy. While one neighbor’s dog is yapping incessantly, another neighbor will be attacking what sounds like an entire forest with a chainsaw. Add to that the temptations of Netflix and a comfy bed, and home can be one unrelenting distraction after another. If you decide to work from home, do all you can to mitigate these distractions. Designating one room as your office can be very helpful.

Increase Health Risks

While office jobs aren’t known for being high-risk, they do come with their fair share of workplace injuries. Ergonomics are especially important for desk jobs, but when you work from home, you might not give your setting the same amount of care and consideration that your boss would put into designing an office. For example, working from home without the right desk and chair can result in neck and back issues. To successfully work from home, you must create a comfortable, safe workspace. 

Social Isolation

Many people who transition from a public workplace to a home office struggle with the sudden isolation involved. Whether your team members are your best friends or you can barely tolerate them, there is something to be said for regular human interaction. Social isolation is linked with a host of ills, from impaired cognitive functioning to poor sleep. In fact, social isolation increases your risk of premature death from all causes. If you work from home, be sure to get your social interaction during your off-hours. 

When you work from home your hours tend to be more flexible, you can stay in your PJs all day if you want, and you don’t have to spend a single minute on a commute. However, it isn’t all roses and hollyhocks. Working from home comes with its own challenges that you will have to navigate if you want to be successful. 

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