Many companies have benefits in place for employees without familial responsibilities, but those who need to support families are sometimes ignored. For example, weekly happy hours can be a great networking activity for some, but others need to pick up their children from after school activities. The following are some workplace perks that can benefit employees who have families.

Paid Leave

Providing your employees with paid leave is a surefire way to make them feel more appreciated. For those employees who have families, this can come in the form of maternity or paternity leave. This allows your employee to be able to care for their newborn and not have to worry about financially providing for them during that process. Birth is an incredibly stressful and difficult process for women, and having that time to recover can be essential to both their health and their baby’s health. Because they’re going through so much during this time, it can also be helpful for them to have their partner at home with them. Paternity leave allows the father of the child to care for the newborn along with the mother, and give the mother some time to rest and recover.

Healthcare Benefits

When your employee is caring for and providing for a family, healthcare benefits are a big perk. If health insurance is not provided by their employer, families have to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to get their family any necessary healthcare. Many families cannot afford this, and suffer because of it. Providing your employees with healthcare benefits makes them much more willing to continue in a position at your company, even with higher offers elsewhere. As an alternative to dental insurance, dental discount plans charge an annual fee. This option can be easier for companies to keep track of, but it can be equally beneficial for employees and their families.

Daycare Options

If your employees have young children, day care can be a difficult expense and cause them issues in their work. For example, they may have to leave in the middle of a meeting to pick their child up, or miss an important day because a babysitter was unavailable. Providing an in-office daycare can be a game changer for these employees. It allows them to care for their children quickly and in close range, while maintaining their productivity on the job. This is another one of the benefits that keeps employees working for your company despite other offers.

Employees with families are a different demographic to consider. Employees that don’t have the need to support a family have different priorities from those with children. It’s important to navigate both of these crowds to find the best employees possible. Providing these benefits to your employees with families can make all the difference in their job satisfaction.

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