Some job listings are more sensitive than others. They might be dealing with the sensitive personal information of clients. It might be dealing with huge amounts of money and assets. If you’re applying for a government job, it might even be dealing with classified issues.

A More Rigorous Interview

The interview process will definitely be a bit more intense. You can expect it to be longer and more thorough. You can also expect more probing questions about your past job experience and personal character. 

Most job interviews deal with the character of the interviewee on a surface level, but sensitive roles may have access to large amounts of money or highly sensitive information. The employer wants to make sure that they’re hiring somebody who will resist the temptation to abuse the access that they have. If you can, practice for the interview beforehand to prepare yourself.

Background Checks

There are a few good reasons that employers will want to consider background checks. They’re a great way to eliminate people with obvious problems–e.g., criminal history or other problematic elements. Background checks can give employers peace of mind when hiring for sensitive roles as well. 

It is another way to assure the employer of the quality of character of the applicant. Background checks likely will have a technological and physical portion. Employers will check social media and all other internet records they can find in order to uncover information on the candidate. In some cases, they may talk to previous associates (teachers, old employers, etc.) in person to get their unfiltered opinions.

On-Site Tests

A high-level job with multiple layers of interviews may ask you to do a quick test of some kind in order to observe your problem-solving skills while under pressure. This might relate directly to a technical skill you will need for a job, but it could also deal with general problem-solving or interpersonal skills. The only way to try and prepare for such tests is to talk to others who have gone through the same process. If you don’t know anyone, you should try and do the best online research you can in order to get ready. 

It’s important to try and plan ahead. Ask yourself, what will this company want from me? What kinds of questions will they ask me? Applying for a more sensitive job will mean that you’re going to need to be as prepared as you possibly can. 

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