As nice as it is to be able to wear your pajamas while you work from the comfort of your own home, it can also quickly become boring, distracting, inefficient, and altogether exhausting. If you can relate, here are a few ways you can stay productive while working remotely!

Rent a Coworking Space

Miss having coworkers to keep you alert and entertained? Having other people in a room with you can do a lot to keep you accountable, and (ironically) keep your brain more focused on the tasks in front of you by providing productive and tame peripheral stimulation. Consider renting a coworking space for you and your coworkers—or even just friends and acquaintances who also work remotely—to allow that productive work environment. Separating the space you use for work and for relaxation can also train your brain to remain more energized for work tasks while in that designated space.

Work in a Cafe

If you still want that peripheral buzz to keep you focused on your task, but are okay without the “coworker” feel or not wanting to spend the money renting a space, try using a public workspace like a café. These spots are created to support an ambience of calm and comfort that is conducive to productivity. Even if you utilize this space for just a couple hours a day, routinely, those hours can be especially efficient hours for your mind to get the focus it needs. Keep in mind, though, the limitations of a public workspace like this… for example, internet connection. Connecting to free public Wi-Fi comes with some potential security risks. This means that you will need to utilize extra care measures to protect any sensitive information you work with in your tasks.

“Wake Up” Strategies

Finally, learn how you work best. What kinds of things can you do that will wake up your brain throughout the day, as the tasks become monotonous or difficult to concentrate on? Explore options, try them out, see what sticks. Go on a walk! Eat a snack! Find a stretch or meditation routine! Play a good brain game! Figure out what helps wake up and reset your mind so that it can maintain the energy it needs to do the work you have to do.

Enjoy all the benefits of remote work by creating good habits and using effective resources to keep your brain working well. Your efforts will be significantly more effective with the help of some simple strategies throughout your workday!

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