If you’ve been working at your company for a while, it might be the right time to ask your boss for a new role. By now you’re an expert in what you do, and you understand the business and its goals well. Taking on a new position or additional responsibilities can be a benefit for both you and your boss.

Learn New Skills

Professional development and continuous improvement are important for any employee, but you may feel like you’ve learned as much as you can in your present job. Challenging yourself with a new role will help you learn new skills and expand your capabilities.

While you may not be offered a promotion immediately, ask your boss about stretch opportunities. These are assigned tasks or projects that make use of your present skillset but also ask you to learn new procedures or responsibilities. You may be able to fill in for someone on vacation or leave and learn their role.

Stave Off Burnout

After a few years at the same position, it’s not unusual for workers to experience burnout. You get stuck in a routine, and the job may begin to feel boring or useless. Or you may just be feeling too much stress, too much of the time. Some jobs can cause anxiety due to how you communicate.

It’s important to let your boss know if you feel signs of burnout. A new role can revitalize you and give you renewed purpose at work. You’ll feel better, and your boss will have a better motivated and more focused worker.

Show Why You’re an Asset

Over time, your boss may start taking you for granted. You’ve become a reliable part of the overall production process, not drawing attention to yourself either positively or negatively. That can be a mistake.

Taking on a new role can show your value to the company. You’ll have the chance to demonstrate how you can contribute your knowledge and skills to the company. When you get recognition, you’ll have more job satisfaction.

A new role at work might be just what you need to bring yourself out of the doldrums and begin to shine. If you feel ready, don’t be shy about bringing it up to your boss. If you don’t express your desire for a new role, no one will know. It can be a plus for everyone.

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