Before anything else – congratulations! This is a big step, and it should be celebrated. You should also be prepared for what’s coming. There are certain things you can do to make sure that your transition into this next phase of your life goes smoothly.

Make Sure You Negotiate Enough Pay

Deciding to work at a place far from where you currently live means that you’re going to need to consider a lot of new factors. First and foremost – the financial aspect should be a top priority. The cost of living in this other state is going to differ from where you are now. You should have an idea of how much that difference is, and what kind of salary you are going to need to live comfortably. Always make sure to negotiate a satisfactory amount of pay after getting a job offer.

Start Preparing Your Move

Moving will probably be the step that is logistically the most difficult and stressful. If you have a family, you will need to take them into consideration. Talk with your spouse about possibilities for housing in this new area. Do thorough research to know what the market is like. Is it realistic for you to buy property? Will you need to rent temporarily? How difficult is it for a buyers’ market? You will also need to sell the home that you are currently in. Try and complete the buying-and-selling transition as smoothly as possible by planning ahead, or else you might encounter unseen difficulties. There are holding costs involved when a previous home is sitting on the market for too long.

Make the Job Transition Smooth

You also need to make sure that everything else is all taken care of back where you currently live. Not only does that include changing your address on all of your legal information, but you’ve also got to consider your children’s schooling (if applicable) and your current job. Make sure that you go through the proper channels to leave your job so that it ends professionally and cordially. Giving at least a two weeks’ notice is a must. Communication with both your current and future employers is the best way to move forward.

This is going to be a big transition. That means that it will almost definitely be hard and stressful. If you make some mistakes, that’s okay – but avoid committing the kinds of errors that could be very costly. Planning is your best friend when it comes to avoiding such circumstances.

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