Once, traditional thinking encouraged every young person to go to college. Many people over the years have thought that more education means a higher salary. But this is simply not true. Often, students find that the more formal college education they receive, the only thing they have more of is debt! There are alternatives, though, which can help progress your career—no matter your level of education.

Trade School

Trade schools have made a massive comeback recently. Many entry level trade school jobs make far more money than comparative entry-level office jobs. These jobs do require training and often certification, but do not take as many years nor the amount of debt that is required for a bachelor’s degree. Welding, Construction, Electrical work, Nursing, and HVAC repair are all high-demand positions that pay well. They also do not require sitting still at a desk for the rest of your life.

Online Education

Getting your education online has become more popular during a pandemic, but you have to make sure that your program is set up in a user-friendly way. Some things need hands-on education to be the most useful. For example, some online real estate courses don’t offer a user-friendly experience. Others, like engineering or machining courses, must be experienced in person in order to learn critical skills. Finding the balance to be able to get your certification or degree quickly, but also getting all of the information you need, can be complex.


If you, or your college student, are talented in a specific field, and are not sure what specialization you want, finding a paid apprenticeship can be a good way to narrow your field choices. Make sure to know the rules for your area. Qualified apprenticeships will be paid ones. Your time and talents are worth financial compensation. Many companies and government offices offer young high school graduates the chance to see if their field is where they will be situated. Apprenticeships, for those willing to apply themselves to learning, can turn into jobs with college and certification paid.

There is a rosy future ahead, and it doesn’t have to be one with crippling amounts of college loan debt! In the last few years, students have realized that college isn’t the only path to financial success. Regardless of where you’re at in your educational journey, any of the above options can be a wonderful start to your beautiful future.

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