Trying to get an entry-level job out of high school is a great idea for most people. You’re going to gain precious experience–and you’re also going to learn how to navigate the job world. 

Here are some basic tips for applying right after high school graduation.

Look for Opportunities to Train on the Job

Different jobs are going to have vastly different requirements. Usually, your hourly rate of payment will be directly in proportion to what level of expertise is required. Luckily, there are lots of entry-level jobs that are perfect for high school graduates. 

Usually, they expect to train you on whatever tasks you’ll be undertaking while on the clock. The pay might not be the highest in the world–but with consistent hours, you’ll start to accumulate finances. Such jobs might include working in food service, retail, or other such positions.

Make Your Pitch

No matter how entry-level the position is, you’re going to need to make your case. You’re going to need to pitch yourself to the employer in charge of hiring. This is a normal and expected part of the hiring process, so don’t be afraid to prepare thoroughly. You’re going to want to write a resume before anything else. 

A resume is your chance to organize your list of accomplishments. It shows an employer your education, skills, and (if applicable) past work experience. If you don’t have any past experience, that’s okay! A lot of entry-level jobs expect first-time applicants. You also likely are going to have a face-to-face interview before a final decision is made.

Be Persistent

Depending on the current climate of employment, it might be very easy to find a place to get hired–or it might be difficult. Prepare yourself to spend some time searching. You can and should submit applications and resumes to multiple potential employers at the same time. The more you submit, the higher your likelihood of finding an offer. If your first, second, or third options don’t call you back, don’t be discouraged. Keep being persistent and keep digging. You can also talk to friends and family to see if anyone else’s workplace is hiring. Getting referred to an employer can better your chances of being hired.

Applying for jobs is not easy. At times, it can be frustrating. But if you prepare well–writing a resume, researching the workplace, preparing for the interview, applying to multiple locations–there’s no reason you can’t eventually find a good match.

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