When high schools and businesses work in partnership to prepare young people for their future, everyone benefits. Teachers can relate their lessons to real-world situations, and teens have an opportunity to explore careers and learn what the working world is all about. Businesses benefit the most when young adults are well prepared and motivated to work.

Prepare the Future Workforce

Schools and parents shoulder most of the responsibility in preparing young people to acquire the skills and work ethic needed to contribute to the workplace. But businesses can also play an important role. For high school kids, the future seems unfocused and a little out of control. Their focus can become clearer when they are exposed to career possibilities.

When representatives from businesses visit high schools—or better yet, partner with them on projects—kids learn the processes and priorities of real-world working. They can get to know their strengths and the areas they need to work on, and they can become motivated to work toward a goal.

Teach Important Skills

When teens work with businesses, they can learn important job skills. The opportunity to volunteer or intern with a business can build their resume. A resume helps teens organize their accomplishments to present to employers.

Your visit to a high school can teach both practical skills and “soft skills.” You may be able to bring examples of your work and teach them simple tasks. Through your mentorship, kids can learn the importance of effective communication, problem-solving, and working with a team.

Inspire Teens

Most teens are exposed only to the careers of their parents or relatives. They may not know what doors would open for them in the future. Visiting high schools allows you to inform the young people about career possibilities and inspire them to achieve the education and training needed. As a result of your visit, kids may be motivated to set goals, achieve more, and work harder. They may decide on more education and or vocational training after high school. With your inspiration and support, high schoolers can take charge of preparing for their future.

Working with high schoolers today can affect your future workforce. You don’t have to wait until you hire someone to help develop their talent. When you partner with high schools now, you can lend a guiding hand to educating and motivating the young adults who will soon be applying for jobs.

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