Are you in the market for a new job? Despite the current fairly low unemployment rates, there are plenty of people looking for better jobs, and many employers looking to fill empty positions in their companies. 

The hiring process may seem pretty straightforward, and in many cases it is. Sometimes, however, some companies might take extra steps before hiring you to make sure you’re the fit they want for their company.

Take a Personality Test

Lots of people take different personality tests as a matter of curiosity. It’s fun to see the insights you can gain from them. Individuals aren’t the only ones who value those insights though. 

Some companies ask prospective employees to take personality tests as a part of their hiring process. This helps them find people who are more likely to fit in well with the company culture before their first day on the job.

Undergo a Background Check

Certain positions require you to undergo a background check. Jobs in education, healthcare, finance, and other industries where security and trust are paramount will commonly require employee background checks. That may preclude some job applicants from being hired, especially if you have a criminal record. 

If you have a criminal record, you should have references to vouch for your character. It may not work for everyone, but some employers are willing to overlook a certain degree of criminal history with the right character references.

Check References

Speaking of references, plenty of employers ask for them, but it seems like many don’t bother to actually follow up with them. Some companies will, however. What those references say to your potential employer can be the linchpin that either secures you the job or ensures that the company doesn’t hire you. With that in mind, choose your references wisely. Don’t just ask people to be references–ask them if they’d be willing to provide a positive reference. If those you want as references don’t respond positively to the question, find someone else.

Finding the right employee is a challenge for many employers today, which is why some of them will undertake extra steps in the hiring process. By being aware of those steps, you can better position yourself for success in your job search. It may still take you some time to find a new job that is the right fit for you, but with the right preparation, you’re bound to find something eventually.

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