Applying for a job can be nerve wracking, especially if it is a job that you’ve worked really hard to qualify for. Well you might feel nervous as you are preparing your resume or heading to an interview, remember that there are a few practices you can apply to be more successful in your job application. Here are a few ways to tip the scales in your favor when you’re applying for a job.

Practice Good Interview Etiquette

One of the first steps that will help you to be successful in applying to a job is making sure that you practice good interview etiquette. The expectations for your job interview might change depending on the industry that you’ll be working in. They might be more strict or more lax depending on the customs of that industry. However, there are some job interview etiquette rules that apply across the board. First, make sure that you’re on time. It is a good idea to arrive a few minutes early but don’t arrive too early or too late. Make sure that you give yourself sufficient time to prepare and collect yourself before you head to the interview. Next, make sure that you’re dressed nicely in an appropriate style for the job that you’re interviewing for. For example, if you’re applying for a job that wears business casual, then don’t show up in a full tuxedo to your job interview. make sure that you know your interviewers name and that you greet them firmly and confidently with a handshake. Have a confident posture and body language while you’re interviewing. Meet their eye contact, don’t fidget, cross your arms, or slouch. Also, turn off your cell phone. You don’t want any disruptions that will distract you during the interview.

Bring References

Next, another helpful tip that can help you stand out to your interviewers is to bring references with you to your job interview. Character references can make a huge difference in your employment chances. They can help your employer to know about your experience, your character, your work ethic, and even your personality. Anyone can make themselves look good on a resume, but your references will help you to really stand out.

Personalize Your Resume and Cover Letter

Finally, don’t forget to personalize your resume and cover letter every time you’re applying for a new job. This might seem a little tedious, or like unnecessary work. But if you have a cover letter that is personalized with the goals and vision of the business that you’re applying for, and a resume that shows that you can help with those goals, you’ll stand out so much more. If you send in a generalized resume that shows your skills without connecting specifically to the company that you’re applying for, you likely will have a more difficult time standing out among other applicants.

So, if you’re gearing up to apply for that job that you’ve always been wanting, or if you’re just trying to land your first job to get you through high school, remember these tips. Make sure to follow appropriate interview etiquette, bring character references, and personalize your resume and cover letter. These practices will help you to be more successful in your applications and interviews and land jobs that you’ve always been dreaming of.

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