How To: Prepare for Interviews

You get a call and its regarding a job you previously applied for, how exciting?! Now its time to prepare for the unknown. It is your job to convince the person you are interviewing for that you have the knowledge, experience and skill set for the job you are applying for. How can you prepare? I will tell you how!


Step 1: Research the Company 

This will help you when the interviewer ask, “Do you know anything about our company/organization?”. It will also help you stand out from the other potential candidates.

  • Visit the company’s website
    • Read their “About Us” page
    • Read their mission statement
    • Review their products and/or services they provide
    • Research and find recent press releases
    • Make a list of questions based on your research of the company

Step 2: Compare your skills to the job requirements 

  • Do you have the required education level the job is asking for?
  • Do you possess the minimum skill set in the job description?
  • Are you able to perform the job duties without any accommodations?

Step 3: Mock Interview 

  • Prepare your responses.

Step 4: Come Prepared 

  • Plan what to wear
    • Conservative business attire (Suite and Professional Shoes)
    • Business Casual
    • Make sure you are neat and wrinkle free
    • Dress to impress!!!









Step 5: What to bring

  • A cover-letter(s)
  • At least (2) Resumes
  • Thank you letter(s)
  • A notepad and pen
  • A portfolio with work samples (if relevant)