As an employer, it’s your responsibility to provide certain insurance plans for your employees. You will typically include health insurance, worker’s compensation, life insurance, and other pertinent plans. You should make an effort to create a plan your employees will appreciate.

Subsidize More of the Costs 

Insurance provides important protection that your employees depend on. However, it is also very expensive. If you want to attract more employees and retain the ones you have, you should do your part in covering some of the cost of insurance plans. In 2021, the average employer covered between 70% and 80% of the cost of insurance premiums. 

This is a significant chunk of money, but it can provide substantial relief to your employees. If you subsidize their plans as much as possible, they will feel more appreciated and happy to continue working. The right benefits help you hold onto your employees.

Give Them Options 

Not everyone has the same situation, so it doesn’t make sense to give everyone the exact same plan. To make your insurance plan more attractive to your employees, you need to provide them with options so they can get coverage specific to them. One way to provide options is by offering Health Savings accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) to your employees. 

HSAs and FSAs can help employees cover out-of-pocket health expenses. With these accounts, employees can put in money and then use it for any medical costs they have. If you want to provide additional options, you should provide more than just basic insurance types. You can include disability plans or even insurance that is directed toward caring for mental health. 

Research the Competition

Many employees say they appreciate competitive insurance plans. This means you need to offer them a plan that is better than your competitors. You need to be doing research to see what other businesses are offering their employees. Understanding your competition allows you to create a plan that will be more attractive to current and future employees. Make sure you research multiple competitors so you can find the best options out of everyone. 

Insurance is required in many situations, but it is also a tool for employee retention. When you offer the right insurance plans and benefits, you can keep your employees happy. It’s important to do your part for your employees so your business can flourish. 

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