Using the internet to find a new job or to launch your own business has fundamentally changed and shifted the way society operates. Whether you are interested in finding a local gig near you or if you are searching for long-term career opportunities, ensuring you give off the right impression to potential employers online can ultimately mean the difference between achieving goals and falling short of your own expectations.

Be Professional

Establishing a professional online presence is one of the first steps to take when you want to be taken seriously by prospective employers. Completing your LinkedIn profile can give you an edge over other people like you. Develop your LinkedIn profile to reflect your professional image, goals, and ethics can help to land opportunities with employers you are interested in and positions you are qualified for personally. Always maintain a professional attitude and appearance online, especially with your LinkedIn profile or any platform that is public and available for employers to see at any time. Individuals who act inappropriate, rudely, or even illegally online run the risk of being denied by employers or having their professional reputation tarnished and ruined.

Google Yourself

One way you can ensure that the impression you are giving off to potential employers is a positive and professional one is to take time to Google yourself. Googling yourself as well as your current location can help you to gain valuable insight into what other employers may find on you when seeking to learn more about your history and professional experience.

Create a Professional Website, Blog, or Portfolio

Increase your online visibility by developing a website, blog, or portfolio that showcases your skills and highlights your professional abilities. Use an official website or blog to showcase your own portfolio, provide references, and offer means of communication to prospective employers and those who wish to work with you. An official website and online presence can significantly increase your chances of landing new clients or working with new employers.

Giving off the right impression to potential employers goes a long way online, especially if you are applying for a position in a competitive market or industry. The more developed your online professional presence is, the easier it will become to stand out to employers, providing you with more opportunities and plenty of choices when it comes to your job and career.

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