Finding the right employee for your business can be a difficult task. It’s hard enough to find good candidates for the long term, but in certain cases, you might need employees for a seasonal period only. 

Here’s how you can go about locating that perfect demographic. 

Create an Online Listing

It’s just about impossible to run a business these days without intimately involving technology. If it’s not impossible, it’s very impractical–the tools that modern technology offers you are numerous and incredibly useful. When it comes to the world of job searching, the internet is the first resource for the vast majority of people. 

This is true no matter the field in question. You’re going to want to use resources like Indeed, LinkedIn, Handshake, and other such sites to find employees quickly and efficiently. Curate your business profile and flesh out the listing itself so that you can attract employees of your desired level.

Hire High-School Aged Employees

Hiring high-school-aged employees actually carries certain advantages. Of course, there are things to look out for–be wary of the fact that many of them have little experience. Many of them might not have worked professionally at all before. But often, they are not picky about what job offers they get, and the brightest ones come ready and enthusiastic to do a good job. 

They also tend to work temporarily, since the majority of them are moving on to the next phase of their education (whether it be college or simply more high school) in a matter of weeks or months. Keep in mind that mentoring youth can give them the confidence to succeed in life.

Be Up-Front About the Job

You’re going to want to communicate clearly about the expected period of work in your job listings and the interviews. The alternative would be to say nothing–and then have to figure something out when the season ends. You shouldn’t expect to just fire the people you don’t need without warning. That’s a surefire way to make sure that people don’t come back for future seasons. Contractors, rather than employees, are another option. A contractor is a lot easier to deal with temporarily than an employee in a legal and logistical sense.

You’ve got to build a network from the ground up. This is the best and most efficient way to find good people for any job, be it temporary or not–good recommendations from trusted individuals. Finding the right person is a matter of time and effort.

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