Working with people in their own homes takes a special kind of person. If this sounds like a job field you might enjoy, you should consider a home service job. These jobs require people with people and technical skills. There are three main home service jobs you should think about pursuing.


Jobs like being an electrician can take a great deal of focus and attention to detail. This is because electricians need to keep track of many different small wires and what they connect to. If they get the wires mixed up, they could cause a short circuit or even start a fire. Many people choose to hire an electrician because it is a job that they do not want to do themselves out of fear of being electrocuted. However, if you go to trade school and become certified, you will know how to minimize the risk of electrocution and make the job safe for you.  You might be setting up a home with electricity for the first time or performing simple repairs. Either way, you will have a skill set that people depend on.

HVAC Technician

Nowadays people have become comfortable with the idea that they oversee the temperature of their homes. However, this is only possible because of HVAC technicians who install and repair heating and cooling systems in homes. HVAC technicians should be people who understand blueprints and how the general flow of air works in a home. Additionally, HVAC technicians need to perform multiple calculations in the course of their job. If anything goes wrong and a client’s heating goes out in the winter, for example, they will call you in hopes that you can fix their heating system so that they do not freeze. To become a HVAC technician, you will need to go to a trade school and learn about different types of HVAC systems so that you are prepared for any issue that comes up during your career.

General Handyman

If you are a jack of all trades and have seasoned problem-solving skills, you can also start your career as a general handyman. Essentially, anytime a client needs anything fixed or installed in their home, you are the person they would call.  For example, if they need a door installed or a garage door fixed, your clients contact you. This helps you diversify your skills and lets you work on different types of projects daily.

Helping people in their homes can be a fulfilling job for the right kind of person. With a home service job, you are able to put your trade skills to use daily and make people more comfortable in their own homes.

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