What is ASD?

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Arise Secure Desktop (ASD) This program requires the use of the Arise Secured Desktop (ASD). The ASD is a piece of computer hardware that securely connects your computer system to the client’s system   What should be included in the ASD package: The ASD package is a white 5″x 7″ envelope with the Arise logo in the top left corner. It will include the following:

  • Boot CD
  • ASD-USB stick
  • Instructions insert

You should receive the package prior to the first day of your class.   What to do if you are missing items from the ASD package I can help you get the missing items from the ASD package. If you are missing the ASD-USB stick or the Boot CD, you will need to contact Technical Support for a replacement.If you are missing the Instructions insert, please contact your instructor for a replacement.   What items can cause issues with the ASD? The only items which can be plugged in when using the ASD-USB stick are:

  • A wired mouse
  • A wired keyboard
  • the ASD-USB stick

Any other items, such as USB hubs, printers, phones, webcams, wireless mice and keyboards, and Bluetooth devices, can cause the computer to freeze during boot-up.

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