Many companies have benefits in place for employees without familial responsibilities, but those who need to support families are sometimes ignored. For example, weekly happy hours can be a great networking activity for some, but others need to pick up their children from after school activities. The following are some […]
Working a regular job will always come with benefits and problems that you have to deal with. Sometimes those problems can be related to the specific line of work you are in, but a lot of the issues employees face are faced on a large scale. There are many challenges […]
Starting a new job is exciting, and you should feel proud of yourself for arriving at this point! The next task is to get set up, and to make some important choices that can have far-reaching consequences – namely, the choosing of your benefits. Knowing what kind of insurances to […]
In an ever-changing job market, one field that is always in demand for qualified professionals is blue-collar work. These jobs range from construction and plumbing to assembly line work and truck driving.  However, as the workforce grows, there are a few ways that you can rise above the competition. Get […]
A company is sort of like a tree. Without the leaves, or the roots, or even the smallest branch, the tree cannot thrive. A tree needs all of its parts in order to grow and flourish. That is why you need good workers. No matter how amazing or talented you […]
Who is Self-Employed? What Are My Self-Employed Tax Obligations? How Do I Make My Quarterly Payments? How Do I File My Annual Return? Who is considered a Employee? Who is Self-Employed? Self-Employment is generally someone who has a business or trade as a sole proprietor and/or as an independent contractor. […]